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Pics and news about Joanie Laurer, aka, "Chyna"

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Winning the IC Championship

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Chyna waiting for a tag.

Hey gorgeous, blow me a kiss......!

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.....come hither.....

Joanie at Project Greenlight

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Chyna looking intense.


October 31, 2003

Joanie Laurer talks about her WWE departure and current situation

The following are highlights from Xtreme Mayhem's interview with "The Chynna Doll" Joanie Laurer! The interview was conducted by "The Xtreme Icon" Mike Nagel and "The California Cheapskate" Jeff Meacham! The interview runs over 80 minutes and these two "little fat kids" prove once again that they conduct the most interactive, in-depth, and entertaining interviews you'll find anywhere! Listen to the interview by clicking on one of the links below, or by visiting which contains the current show plus archived shows! The latest show also includes a trivia match between Jeff Meacham and listener Evolution4lyf!

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- Joanie started the interview by reminding everyone that he new nickname is "The Chynna Doll" which is just a longer version of the name she used in WWE. She discussed her latest movie "Romp" which has just been completed. She didn't do the movie for money and she hopes to make money due to the success of the film. She said it is sort of a wrestling movie, and it's about an underdog who has no arms. She talked about traveling for the movie and the upcoming film festivals, as well as charities for people with missing limbs.

- She talked about her music background and how she has learned every musical instrument under the sun. She mentioned that she bought a grand piano after doing her Playboy shoot. She has played cello and she teaches herself by ear. She also has a drum kit and she recently finished an album with Reggie Benjamin, a friend of her's. The album is called 2X-Centrix and she has her own single on the album. She plays drums and does backing vocals on the album. She plugged the record release party on October 21st and she joked that she would clothesline any hecklers.

- She said it was important to have a fanbase behind her, and she admitted that she basically got fired from WWE. She was sad about it, but she kept moving on with her music and film roles, as well as wrestling in Japan. She thanks the wrestlers and the fanbase that have "helped make me one of the top five wrestling stars in the world." She stands up for people who bust their ass 365 days a year and go out there without having WWE's promotional machine. She added that "Vince McMahon can kiss my ass."

- Joanie talked about how she wasn't quite prepared for what it was like to wrestle in Japan, and she thought it would be like WWE. Once she got there, she was taught submission fighting and mixed martial arts. A fan in Japan later sent her a china doll which holds a special place in her heart. She is amazed that she would go to places in Japan and would see her face in magazines and newspaper covers. She said she is grateful to Antonio Inoki and considers him a mentor. Unlike Vince McMahon, she said Inoki is a peacemaker and a visionary who isn't about politics. He is a man of few words and lots of action.

- She talked about her release from WWE, and how she was let go because of a personal issue. I would assume it's HHH/Stephanie, but she never made it clear during the interview. She said that the company was wrong to her, and the whole situation was very hurtful. She has lost everything overnight and she had to move forward. She said she is a lover, not a fighter. She said an objective to return to WWE would not be for ego or money. She talked about how every dime she made was spent on new endeavors, and she brought up hundreds of auditions among other things that she has done since leaving WWE. She brought up the old "never say never" line in regards to a WWE return. She had always wanted to remain in WWE, but she felt she was held back from TV and then she found out about her "personal situation" and she said she was the last one to find out about it. She tried watching WWE again several months after her departure, but she said it had become so bad and she feels that they !
are trying too hard to turn things around.

- Joanie said that posing for Playboy was an absolute wonderful experience. She said that they are the most professional and classy organization that she has ever worked for besides New Japan. It allowed her to make a lot of money at one time, which allowed her to continue doing things up to this day. She said that they made her look and feel as beautiful as one could possibly be. She said that the first shoot was her favorite, but she also like the second shoot because it still did three quarters as good as the first one without having the WWE's promotional machine behind it and relying strictly on her own fanbase. She said there was more pressure with the second shoot, but Hugh Heffner had faith because he made the biggest production set for that photo shoot in the history of the magazine.

- Joanie talked about her celebrity boxing match with Joey Buttafuoco. She said that she originally said no because she had no desire to fight a 260 lb man in front of millions of people for the heck of it. As it turned out, John Wayne Bobbit couldn't do the fight at the last minute and she agreed to be the replacement the day before the fight. She was taught the day of the fight how to protect herself, and she brought up a McMahon quote "Perception is reality" and how that wasn't that case.

- She talked about how she was approached by NWA TNA and would still consider doing something with them. She said a lot of things were happening at the time and the offer was rushed. The timing was too fast so she declined the offer. She thinks that they are doing a wonderful job and she gives kudos for them giving guys another option besides WWE. She said she would buy TNA's three-hour PPV just to see Hulk Hogan.

- Joanie talked about many of her greatest memories in WWE. She was nervous her first year, but once DX took off, things began to become fun and she made a lot of friends. They talked about the DX skit with the "two newest members" and she said Shawn Michaels is one of the most incredible entertainers in the history of the business. She enjoyed the Mark Henry storyline and said it was cut short because Mark had knee surgery. She said her favorite storyline was being Eddie Guerrero's mamacita. She talked about how Eddie put her over like a million bucks and taught her a lot of things. She wasn't crazy about working with Chris Jericho because she felt he was better off on his won. Henry, Guerrero, and Billy Gunn saw the bigger picture and were willing to take a backseat to help her get over. She loved working with Jeff Jarrett and said the good housekeeping match has been her favorite. She talked about winning the IC title and how she has a replica that she proudly keep in a c!
ase at her home. She said another highlight was working with Ivory in front of 72,000 people at Wrestlemania. Joanie also mentioned that a group of fans got together and bought her a world title replica belt for Christmas, and she donated it towards her latest flim project.

- She talked about her book and how she lost a lot of control over the book to WWE and she didn't know how the finished product was going to turn out. Countless people tell her to this day how special the book has been to them. She has been trying to do a second book, but it has been difficult to get the idea out there.

- They wrapped things up once again with Mike Nagel's WORLD FAMOUS~! Word Association: Mick Foley (Socko), Vince Russo (Scandal), Bret Hart (got the shaft), Owen Hart (tragic, she still thinks about him most days), Shawn Michaels (entertainer), Ric Flair (Joanie does a WHOO!), Killer Kowalski (humpty-dumpty), Jerry Lawler (funny), Val Venis (towel), the 10th wonder of the world (new California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and she also gave her thoughts on him), Steve Austin (stunner, she talked about the first stunner she got), Howard Stern (very smart), and The Chynna Doll (that's Ms. Doll to you). She gave a final thank you to the hosts and everyone else who has supported her and continues to do so and she says she has a really neat future ahead of her.

September 6, 2003

A lot of news to update you.  For instance, Joanie's website is now history.  It was taken down this spring and apperantly will not be back.
Then there is the Joanie/Sean Waltman situation.  Here is the beginning of the end, reported by the Charleston (NC) Post and Courier:

-- The syndicated TV show Celebrity Justice reported last week that Joanie Laurer (the artist formerly known as Chyna) has filed a restraining order against ex-fiancÈ Sean Waltman (the artist formerly known as X-Pac, Syxx-Pac, 1-2-3 Kid and Lightning Kid).

Laurer, who obtained the order Aug. 1 and reportedly has gone into hiding, claims that Waltman "choked, beat and pulled her hair." She also cited in the report that Waltman had threatened suicide.

One of the pair's last public appearances was at the NWA-TNA anniversary show in Nashville when Waltman teamed with AJ Styles against Sting and Jeff Jarrett. Laurer did not appear on camera, but talked to friends backstage.

Laurer and Waltman, who worked together in the WWE when both were members of Degeneration X, both had come off bitter break-ups. Two years ago Laurer allegedly discovered love letters that former beau "Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Paul Levesque) had written to Stephanie McMahon. The two split after Laurer accused Helmsley of going behind her back with Stephanie, to whom Helmsley is now engaged.

Laurer and Waltman, who was going through a divorce from his wife of 12 years at the time, had announced their engagement last November in Las Vegas.

Then the court action which led to this:


-- According to the webmaster of Sean Waltman's official site, the restraining order filed by Joanie Laurer against Sean Waltman has been dropped.

-- The webmaster said:

"Hey everyone..I just got a voicemail message from Sean..he wanted me to let you all know that he went to court today over the restraining order. Joanie did not even show up in court to back up her

Anyway...I believe the case has been dropped if I'm not mistaken.

His computer is on the blink again but he will be back online as soon as he can and elaborate more for you when he can."

-- He later added:

"I need to add also that the police had dropped the case for lack of evidence to prove the allegations."

We wish Sean well.  Among other things.

But, there is good news...Joanie is stepping up her recording career.  She is singing back up for Reggie Benjamin's new dance LP, 2xCentric.  We have heard the first cut and, although Madonna can rest easy, ChynnaDoll...equips hereself very well.

Take a listen...


March 25, 2003

All fans can now email Joanie at

Send her a little note to say how much you care and love her, ask a question of just say "Hi!".

The Chyna syndrome

You may have thought teenage boys were the only ones imbibing the stylized violence of professional wrestling
[Full Story]

Joanie made the list of FHM's top 100 Sexiest Women of 2002. Of course, the listed her low...#97...but she DID beat out Kelly Ripa and Shannon Elizebeth.  By the way, #1 was Anna  KORNokova!
"Hi everybody!! First let me take care of business. Many of you have written in asking for autographed pictures. As much as I'd like to send all of you one, the reason I sell them on the website is not to gain profit, but rather to make them available and to simply maintain the website for the webmaster. If you send your merchandise ready to sign and in a self addressed pre-paid envelope, include a money order for $14.95 payable to StarInsider Inc. The company will organize all items and handle the shipping for me so I can sign and return your items quickly. You will probably see me at an appearance first!!! This is just to let you know. It is virtually impossible to read every letter I get let alone answer them, or send single pictures out, so please use the service that the webmaster has on line, or hopefully I will get the chance to see you in person. I do however read almost every letter I get. Even though I can not answer them all , you should know how much they mean to me and how you all motivate me in so many different ways. I thank you all for taking the time to write and express yourselves. Many of you start out by saying that you know I'll probably never get this.........but I do. Today I opened a box of fan mail that had Christmas cards in it. I spent three hours opening envelopes, video tapes, cards, teddy bears etc. The list goes on and on. I love looking at your pictures. I love reading your stories. I love hearing about your health and exercise triumphs and struggles. It is funny how you can separate yourself apart from others, and suddenly the response is overwhelming, and you realize that so many of us feel the same way. All of you who take the time to share and comment without any expectations in return are truly remarkable, so I want you to know that you are heard!........Brian Gipe, R.W. Allen, Steven Rothberg, Joseph Ray, Scott Beatty, Rinaldi Cetone, Joe Gojcaj, Sandi, Rich, Gordon, Amanda Mardeusz, Alex Moreno (you are a cutie and made that appearance for me!), Peter Van Schaick, Amanda Wagner (I'm still with ya girl!), Terell Mckinney (yes, I'm getting all your great letters Terrell), Kenzi Newman (this is a special hello to your husband Josh who is doing something very special for our country), David Earl K43139 (beautiful letter). Ray the chiropractor!!!! The list could go on and on. You get the idea. By the way to the person who wrote the "shame on me" message about Kicking Mario Lopez in the "jimmies", SHAME ON YOU!!! IT"S FAKE>>>GET IT!!! Mario was a good sport and a good friend. Also, to the individuals on the other websites who continually put everybody down nonstop, I think you are really sad. I am not mad at anything...why are you so angry at everybody??????? I was tickled to see so many positive and encouraging letters. I think you all "get it". I will be on the road again this week, so I hope to go through the rest next week. I have gotten an enormous amount of mail with questions on health and fitness. Many of you are inquiring when I will do another fitness video or nutritional book. Don't worry, because of all your letters and inquiries, we are making plans. That gets me really excited as everyone knows that fitness routines, regimens and programs have always fascinated and motivated me from a young age. Congratulations to those of you who are making an effort. I love hearing it. Remember it's trying to be your best!!!! It's all about you!!! The Playboy did exceptionally well. Yeahhh!!!!!! Hugh Hefner has given me an amazing opportunity. He is truly an individual and I respect him for that. He can see so much more than the average person. If people only really knew! He has become a dear friend. Playboy has sent me many of your letters as well. Thanks for all those who wrote in. I noticed an enormous amount of military men writing in. Many of you guys have said that I motivated you!!!! It is you guys that motivate me!!! I just think we have determination in common, and that to me is so sexy no matter what your gender!!! A girl named Julie recently wrote me and told me she was a lesbian and asked me if it bothered me that I had a lesbian fan and said she thought I was beautiful and hoped she didn't offend me. When someone says something nice about you, it doesn't matter what their age is, their race, their gender, or their sexual preference. Thank you Julie, I accept the compliment and am glad to hear I'm sexy from men.......and women. Be your own person, never be afraid of what others might think! The Arnold Classic was a huge success and lots of fun. Pictures are soon to follow. I received an honorary celebrity fitness award from Mike Uritz and the legendary Joe Gold who are the owners of World Gym. It was quite an honor. Lou Ferrigno was also one of the presenters, and he looked not like The Incredible Hulk, but rather...just....incredible. When I was a child, my brother used to steal all my T-shirts which were too small on him and he would do the Incredible Hulk pose and rip them off. I think Lou owes me a wardrobe allowance now that I think about it. Be well, everyone. Stay tuned to the news and appearance section for things to come.

Love; Joanie xoxo "

NEW! February 8, 2003
Championship Auto Show
World of Wheels 2003
Columbus, OH
Time: TBA

NEW! Championship Auto Show/World Of Wheels 2003
Pittsburgh, PA
Time: TBA.

NEW! February 23, 2003
Championship Auto Show
World of Wheels 2003
Calgary, Alberta (time TBA)


January 09, 2003


Gery Roif, of, talks with Joanie about wrestling with Sean, NJPW, women's wrestling, and more!
[Full Interview]

January 08, 2003

Note from Joanie

I would like to thank Nikkan Sports and all of the fans for honoring me with the Female Wrestler of the Year Award. I never would have expected that!!!!!!! Thank you so, so, so much. My fans, including all those who even watch what I do without giving or expecting anything, inspire me to do many things. I hope I give as much in return.

Love Queen High Rolla
Joanie Laurer

Check out these candid shots of Joanie when she appeared on Hollywood Squares.

January 05, 2003

An Interview With Joanie Laurer

Recently, Wrestling Update ONLINE had the special opportunity to speak to one of the greatest women competitors of all-time, Joanie Laurer. Find out what she had to say about Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Sean Waltman, Hollywood, and more!
[Full Story]


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