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What happned Thursday night..

Smackdown! Tapings: [Airdate - 9/4]
Story By: Tracey Russell
August 29, 2003

The following is from

Pyro then Tag Team Championship Match : APA vs. World's Greatest Tag Team
Winner : WGTT after Haas hit I think Bradshaw in the head with belts

In the back Eddie's waxing his truck. Vince, Show, and Sable pull up in limo. Brock comes and complains to Vince that he's not giving him enough attention. Vince tells him to go cool off in his office. Eddie acts like he didn't see anything.

Back in office Vince tells Brock he knows he's a monster and he has something special for him.

Cena comes to the ring cuts a rap. Next Eddie comes out in his truck and wails on Cena. Cena gets upperhand and steals Eddie's truck.

Undertaker talks about Angle and championship match.

Chris Benoit vs. A-Train
Benoit gets pin after Rhyno tries to Gore him but hits A-Train.
Benoit def. A-Train

Torrie and Nidia are backstage getting ready for a 4-way Bourbon Street Bikini Contest with Sable and Dawn Marie. Torrie gives Nidia some fake boobs to stuff into her bikini. Nidia rubs some lotion all over Torrie's back and the her bottom.

Angle talks about fighting Taker and championship match.

WWE Chapionship Match
Taker vs. Kurt Angle
Takes about 20 minutes. First 2 minutes are slow but a lot of near pinfalls and greatest match of the night. Taker comes close to winning but Lesnar runs out with a chair and beats up both Angle and Taker. Angle is helped to the back. Taker stubbles his way to the back and collapses but refuses help. Angle then is shown getting his back and neck iced.

Vince and Show are outside of Steph's office. She asked why she can't go in Vince tells her he's takingcare of something the says actually Brock is. Throughout the whole thing Show is blocking the door while it seems Brock keeps banging on it.

Bourbon Street Bikini Contest
The usual except Mardi Gras theme and much better experience in person. Torrie wins and Shaniqua comes down and destroys Torrie and Nidia. She does a gorilla press slam to Nidia from the ring to the floor. They stumble to the back.

Bradshaw is telling Farooq he's upset they lost and to make it up he got something special. Yep, the door is back and now it has a doorbell. The APA is back in business and they even have a butler.

Cruiserweight Championship
Mysterio vs Taijiri
Great Match. A lot of back and forth moves. I think Rey puts Taijiri into the Tarantula. Rey gets 1, 2, 3. Taijiri gives Rey mist and kick to head afterwards.
Winner: Mysterio

Vince comes out with Show to announce that Brock is the number 1 contender and will face Angle in 2 weeks. He calls out Brock who is in a sky box. You could see live he was sitting on someone in a wheelchair but not on the screen. He has Zack Gowen tied up and goes to stairwell with Zack. He taunts Zack for what seems like forever and then throws him and his wheelchair down the stairs.

More than likely end of show

Show tells Vince he wants to do something big and calls out a champion, Mysterio. Rey comes out and pummels Show, who falls his way to the back with Vince. Rey poses and shakes hands for a while.

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