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WWE No Way Out Recap 2/20/05 - Who Is Going To WrestleMania?
Submitted by Carl Walsh on Sunday, February 20, 2005 at 10:43 PM EST

Report by: Carl Walsh of

No Way Out Results - 2/20/05
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sunday Night Heat Match:

Referee: Charles Robinson
Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki vs. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas

The music of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki hit in the arena as they made their way to the ring with Hiroko and Fifi, and they are set for action here on Sunday Night Heat against Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas.

The start:

The match is already underway as we come back to Heat and Haas is in control of the arm of Rene Dupree. Haas made the tag to Holly who continued to work on the arm and shoulder of Dupree. Dupree was given the kick to the abdomen while held in the ropes by Holly. Holly went to work with chops in the corner and then knocked Suzuki off the apron. Tag to Haas and he and Holly scored with a double hip toss to both Dupree and Suzuki. Haas hit a shoulder thrust in the corner on Suzuki and then Dupree came from behind and hit a neck breaker.

The Finish:

Dupree tagged Suzuki who chopped away at Haas and then knocked him down with a clothesline for two. Dupree back in who hit a dropkick to the back of Haas for two. The fans started a “Hardcore Holly” chant. First time for everything I guess. Haas hit a T-Bone and both men made tags. Holly came in with knockdowns on Dupree and then hit a big dropkick on Kenzo and a powerslam on Dupree. Holly with a clothesline off the top for two on Kenzo and then Haas sent Dupree to the outside. Holly then finished Kenzo off with the Alabama Slam for the win.

Winners - Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas

No Way Out Opener:

No Way Out opened up with a video package looking at the Barbwire Steel Cage Match between JBL and the Big Show for the WWE Championship. Tonight, there is No Way Out. The fireworks then went off in the arena as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Brian Hebner

Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero vs. The Basham Brothers (c)

The music of Rey Mysterio hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring to kick off the show, and he will be teaming with Eddie Guerrero to take on the WWE Tag Team Champions, Doug and Danny, the Basham Brothers.

The start:

Eddie and Danny started things off with a lock up and Eddie went for a single leg but Basham blocked and wrenched the arm of Eddie, but Guerrero reversed and hooked the ankle and took Basham down. Basham reversed but Eddie hit an arm drag and then tagged in Mysterio. Rey whipped Basham to the corner and hit a shoulder thrust and then a quick leg drop for two.

Mid-match notes:

Doug was tagged in and he distracted the referee while Danny choked Rey with the tag rope. Doug whipped Rey to the ropes but Rey came back with a wheelbarrow arm drag and then tagged in Eddie. Eddie with a back elbow knockdown on Doug and then went to work on him in the corner. Eddie hit a huricanrana but Doug came back and tagged in Danny. Danny locked in a crisscross choke on Eddie but Eddie escaped with a back suplex. Tag to Doug but Eddie didn’t make it to Mysterio. Doug hit some elbow drops and made the cover for two.

Doug hit a powerslam for two and then went up top and came off with a headbutt but Eddie moved and made the tag to Rey. Rey with a seated senton off the ropes, and then hit a springboard cross body for two. Rey with a wheelbarrow DDT for two when Danny broke it up. Danny and Doug switched when the referee was tied up with Guerrero and then beat down Mysterio. The Basham’s made quick tags in the corner, taking turns on Rey. Danny locked in a full nelson but Rey fought out. Danny whipped Mysterio hard into the corner and then gave Eddie a cheapshot and Eddie came inside and while the referee was distracted with Eddie, the Basham’s double teamed Rey.

The Basham’s hotshotted Rey on the top rope for two and then Danny blatantly choked Mysterio. Doug went for a suplex off the top, but Mysterio knocked him off and then hit a moonsault for two. Danny was tagged back inside and they are doing a great job of keeping Rey away from his corner. Hebner noticed that Eddie tied two tag ropes together to get him nearer to the tag. Danny tagged in Doug and the Basham’s hit a double face first sit out powerbomb on Rey. Rey used his speed to avoid both Basham’s and made the tag to Eddie. Eddie with dropkicks on the Basham’s and then hit the arm drag headscissors combo on both Basham’s.

The Finish:

The Basham’s took control with a double spinebuster for two and then went for a double suplex but Rey broke it and Eddie got a small package for two. Eddie went outside and grabbed a belt and then Rey stopped him. Eddie went for a the frogsplash on Danny, and then tried to fool Danny into thinking he crashed and burned, and then rolled up Danny for two. Danny tossed the belt to Eddie, who then tossed it to Doug and then Eddie got the other belt from Mysterio and knocked down Doug with it. Rey then hit Danny with the 619 and Eddie covered Doug for the win!

Winners and new Tag Team Champions, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio


Theodore Long was backstage and said No Way Out was off to a great start, and he was talking to a stagehand. He said he wants Batista to have everything he wants tonight. Carlito then showed up with the wife of one of the board of directors. Carlito said that she told him that the board are waiting to make their decision on the future of Long as General Manager, and if he doesn’t sign Batista he might be out of a job.

Rookie Diva Contest – First Round
Evening Gown Competition

Rochelle Loewen vs. Joy Giovanni vs. Michelle McCool vs. Lauren Jones

The music of Torrie Wilson hit in the arena as she and Dawn Marie made their way to the announce table and they are the hosts of this competition. The contestants then made their way down. Tony Chimel said voting is now open on as the Diva’s paraded in their Evening Gowns and Round Two is coming up! Nice waste of five minutes.

Referee: Nick Patrick
Heidenreich vs. Booker T

The music of Heidenreich hit in the arena as he made his way out for this one on one contest with Booker T. Heidenreich got on the mic and read one of his poems.

The start:

Booker and Heidenreich locked up and Booker got Heidenreich in the corner and gave a clean break. Another lock up and Heidenreich hit a knee to the gut and then knocked him down with big right hands. Heidenreich with a clothesline for two but Booker came back with a side kick. Booker went to work with chops in the corner but Heidenreich came back with a back elbow. Heidenreich sent Booker outside but Booker sent him head first into the steps and then sent him back inside.

Mid-match notes:

Booker T scored with a superkick for two but Heidenreich came back with a big scoop slam. Heidenreich with a huge clothesline and then crowd is dead. Heidenreich sent Booker into the ring post and hit a big right hand knockdown for two. Heidenreich locked in a key lock on Booker as the fans started to get a bit more vocal for the Bookman. Booker with some shots to the ribs but Heidenreich hit a big boot for two. Heidenreich went back to the key lock but Booker again fought out. Booker hit a spinebuster and then some right hands followed by a clothesline. Booker with a thrust kick to the jaw and then did the Spinaroonie.

The Finish:

Booker went for the Scissors Kick but Heidenreich moved and Booker then went for the Book End but Heidenreich elbowed out. Heidenreich charged at Booker, but Booker sent him to the outside. Booker sent Heidenreich into the steps but Heidenreich picked up a chair and sent it into the throat of Booker T for the Disqualification.

Winner buy disqualification, Booker T

The Aftermath:

Heidenreich sent Booker back inside and covered Booker, and this guy is crazy. Heidenreich started playin with the turnbuckle and said Booker is a cheat.


Backstage, the room that has been set up for Batista is shown, and he has not yet arrived at the show. Eddie and Rey were shown celebrating their win and Cena came in to celebrate with them and the rest of the locker room. Eddie said to Cena that he deserves congratulations for getting this far into the tournament and said it doesn’t mean anything if he doesn’t beat Angle tonight. Eddie gave Cena the WrestleMania speech, and that this is his chance to main event the big one. Eddie said Angle was going to put Cena in the Ankle Lock and make him tap out. Eddie said he doesn’t believe him. Eddie said he doesn’t believe that Cena will tap, and Cena should remember that. Eddie told Cena not to tap, he said Angle gets mad and frustrated and makes mistakes, and that is Cena’s chance to win. He said he believes in Cena and the two embraced.

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Six Man Elimination Match
Referee: Jim Korderas

Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore vs.
Spike Dudley vs. Akio vs. Funaki (c)

The participants made their entrance, and there was a random drawing earlier to see who would start off the match, and a new man will enter after someone is eliminated.

The start:

Paul London and Funaki are kicking things off, and they lock up and trade go behinds. London with a side headlock and then a shoulder block. Funaki with a leg sweep but London came back with an arm drag. London with the mushroom stomp in the corner but Funaki came back with a bulldog and made the cover but London kicked out. Spike hit Funaki from the outside and then London got a small package for the win, and Funaki is out of here! Funaki then attacked Spike from the apron and London covered him and Spike is out of here!

Mid-match notes:

Shannon Moore was next in and got a series of near falls on London but London got a nice small package in the corner for a near fall. Moore sent London to the buckle, sternum first and then sent up top and went for the Mooregasm but London moved and then hit the 450 and Moore is eliminated. Akio was next in, who hit a big clothesline for two. Akio locked in a reverse tarantula on the ropes for two. Akio with a rear naked choke, and then an enziguri, followed by a reverse arm bar and then some chops in the corner.

Akio got London on the top rope and went for a superplex but London hit a neckbreaker from the top! Both men are down and that move was pretty awesome. Akio didn’t make it to his feet in time and he has been counted out. Chavo then came inside and he is the last entrant and went to work on London. Chavo tried for a pin but London kept kicking out. Chavo went for a scoop slam, but London got a small package for two. Chavo hit an uppercut to knock London back down and then stomped away at him. London fought back with right hands.

The Finish:

Chavo went for a neck breaker but London held onto the ropes. London hit a Dragon Suplex for two. London got his second wind and hit a back body drop and then the dropsault for two. Chavo came back and sent London into the buckle and London got a small package but Chavo reversed and grabbed the ropes for leverage for the win!

Winner and new Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero


Big Show was shown backstage and he looked deep in thought as he gets his shot at JBL and the WWE Championship inside the Barbwire Steel Cage later tonight. Tazz went through the rules of the match, and you can win by pin, submission or escape. He noted that the door will be padlocked shut throughout the match, so the only way to escape would be over the Barbwire.

Rookie Diva Contest – Second Round
Talent Contest

Rochelle Loewen vs. Joy Giovanni vs. Michelle McCool vs. Lauren Jones

Second round time, as Tony Chimel introduced the Diva’s again. Torrie got on the mic and welcomed us to round two. She said each Diva is going to show us their very special talents. Joy said her talent was massage, and she would like to massage Torrie. Joy started to massage Torrie and Dawn looked on in disgust. Torrie thanked Joy, and then Dawn got on the mic and said that she can give a better rub than that. Rochelle was next and told a couple of jokes, and she was horrid. Dawn stole the mic off her and told her she stunk. Lauren was next and did a dance. I am so glad this show was free in the UK. Dawn said Lauren shouldn’t quit her day job. Michelle was next and said her talent is a bit more physical. She said that she is tired of Dawn running her mouth, and then gave her a bodyslam! Torrie laughed and Chimel told us to go vote.


Josh Mathews was backstage with WWE Champion, JBL. He asked him his thoughts heading into the Cage Match. JBL said he understands what he is walking into, and he said blood will flow like a river, and the likelihood of being hurt is very high. He said he is willing to give up everything he has to win tonight. JBL called the Big Show is a side show freak with no soul or guts. He said that he took his world, and the people will remember this day because they will know what he says he is - a wrestling god.

Referee: Brian Hebner
Luther Reigns vs. The Undertaker

The music of Luther Reigns hit in the arena as he made his way out with Mark Jindrak and he is set for action against the Undertaker. Hebner sent Jindrak to the back before the match started and said he wanted this to be one on one.

The start:

The Undertaker went to work with right hands but Luther came back with kicks and punches but the Undertaker hit a big boot and made the cover for two. The Undertaker went to work on the shoulder and then hit Old School. The Undertaker hit the STO for two and then choked him on the mat. Luther took off the turnbuckle pad while the referee was with the Deadman. Luther went to send Undertaker into the unprotected turnbuckle, but the Undertaker blocked.

Mid-match notes:

Luther hit a big clothesline out of the corner for two but then the Undertaker sent Luther into the unprotected buckle. Undertaker went outside and pulled Luther onto the apron and drove an elbow into his jaw. The Undertaker then hit a legdrop on the apron onto Reigns. Back inside, and Luther got a low blow in the corner while the referee was distracted and then sent the Undertaker into the unprotected buckle, head first. Reigns sent the Undertaker to the outside and then drove him into the ring apron.

Reigns clubbed away on the Deadman and scored with a suplex for two. Luther with some knee drops to the head of the Undertaker and he continued to work over the head of the Deadman. Luther hit an elbow drop for two and then locked in a single leg Boston crab, and drove his boot into the skull of the Undertaker. Taker fought out with right hands and boots and then some shots to the mid section. The Undertaker hit a big clothesline for two and then hit a big boot but Reigns came back with a body tackle for two.

The Finish:

Reigns went for the Roll of the Dice but the Undertaker blocked and then the two traded right hands. Undertaker sent Reigns into the exposed turnbuckle and went for snake eyes and then hit a boot to the face and a leg drop for two. Taker hit the Chokeslam on Reigns and then looked to the crowd and called for the Tombstone but Reigns slid off the back and then hit the Roll of the Dice for two! Reigns went to work with mounted punches on the mat and went for it again but the Undertaker reversed into a DDT. The Undertaker then hit the Tombstone and made the cover for the win.

Winner - The Undertaker


Theodore R. Long was shown awaiting the arrival of RAW’s Batista here tonight.

Rookie Diva Contest – Final Round
Swimsuit Contest

Rochelle Loewen vs. Joy Giovanni vs. Michelle McCool vs. Lauren Jones

Torrie made her way down, and Dawn Marie has refused to take part after being slammed by Michelle earlier on. Torrie said they each have 15 seconds to show their swimsuits. Joy was first, followed by Rochelle, then Lauren and finally Michelle. The crowd is pretty dead through all of this by the way. Michelle did a back flip and stuff. Torrie said while the votes are tallied on, she is going to poll the audience. Michelle got the biggest pop from the crowd. The votes show Joy as the winner.

Winner - Joy Giovanni

Number One Contenders Tournament Final
Referee: Charles Robinson

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

The music of John Cena hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the United States Champion, and this is his chance to main event WrestleMania, as he faces a man who has done it in the past, Kurt Angle.

The start:

Angle and Cena locked up and Angle got Cena in the ropes and broke at four. Another lock up, and Angle got a side headlock on the mat. Angle with a shoulder block and another side headlock, but Cena escaped. Angle with a belly to belly throw into the side headlock again but Cena got to his feet and backed Angle to the corner. Another lock up and Cena got a side headlock but Angle hit a drop toe hold into a front face lock but Cena again backed Angle to the ropes and then went to work with shoulder thrusts and then clotheslined Angle to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Cena tackled Angle over to the announce table and pounded him with right hands. Cena sent Angle face first into the table and then threw him back inside the ring. Cena hit a vertical suplex for two and then gave him some right hands. Cena hit a big clothesline out of the corner and then went for the FU but Angle rolled out of the ring. Cena with right hands but Angle came back with a German suplex, sending Cena into the turnbuckles. Angle worked over Cena in the corner and then a suplex for one. Angle with a back breaker for two and then hit some right hands in the corner, followed by a snapmare into a body scissors.

Cena fought back with a back elbow but Angle hit three German’s and made the cover but Cena got his foot on the ropes. Angle locked in a rear chin lock on Cena but Cena battled out and hit a flying shoulder tackle and both men are down. Cena with right hands to Angle and then hit a headbutt and some big clotheslines, and a high elbow. Angle with an eye rake but Cena came back with a spinebuster for two. Angle fought back with a German, but Cena blocked the second and then hit a tiltawhirl side slam for two. Cena went for the FU but Angle into a sunset flip for two. Angle with a belly to belly throw and both men are down again.

Angle went for the Angle Slam but Cena reversed into a DDT for two. Cena looked very focused and went for the FU again but Angle rolled through and locked in the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring but Cena used his strength to throw Angle off, and he ended up outside. Cena went up top and hit a leg drop as Angle was re-entering the ring for a near fall. Cena sent Angle to the corner and charged in but Angle hit a boot and then Cena hit the FU for two! Cena thought he had won and Angle hit a kick to the knee cap sending Cena down, and then hit some elbow drops to the knee, and he is trying to weaken the leg for the Ankle Lock.

Angle scored with a chop block and then dragged Cena to the corner and whacked his leg into the ring post, four times. Angle with a leg lace submission, but Cena grabbed the ropes. Angle stomped on the Ankle of Cena and then scored with the Angle Slam. Angle locked in the Ankle Lock on Cena in the middle of the ring but Cena made it to the ropes, but Angle pulled him back to the middle of the ring. Angle wrapped himself around the leg of Cena, but Cena again made it to the ropes! Angle again went back to the Ankle Lock with Cena in the ropes but Cena kicked him off and the referee got knocked down.

The Finish:

Angle noticed the chain of Cena on the ring post and grabbed it, and wrapped it around his fist but Cena drove Angle into the corner and then hit the FU! Cena made the cover and the referee made the count, and John Cena is going to WrestleMania!

Winner - John Cena

The Aftermath:

Cena could barely stand and Angle was furious on the outside and started throwing around the ring steps. Cena pulled himself up and celebrated his win.


The room was shown backstage, and there is still no sign of Batista as the Steel Cage began to lower in the arena.

WWE Championship Match
Barbwire Steel Cage Match
Referee: Nick Patrick

The Big Show vs. John Bradshaw Layfield (c)

The music of John Bradshaw Layfield hit in the arena as he came out in the limousine as the WWE Champion, and this is the first Barbwire Steel Cage Match in WWE History. JBL stared at the barbwire as he entered the ring. The Big Show then made his way down and his eyes were focused on the WWE Champion. The referee’s then padlocked the door shut and we are set to go.

The start:

JBL started off with right hands to the Big Show but Show fought back with right hands of his own and then sent him to the corner and drove his head into the cage but JBL blocked. Big Show scored with some chops and again went to drive JBL into the cage but he again blocked it. JBL hit a shoulder to the gut and then scored with a neck breaker and then climbed up and checked out the barbwire on the top of the cage. JBL jumped off the top but Show caught him and hit a fallaway slam for two.

Mid-match notes:

The Big Show chopped away on JBL in the corner but JBL hit a thumb to the eyes and then climbed up looking for an opening in the barbwire but Show pulled him down and then hit a shoulder block. The Big Show scored with a suplex and again chopped JBL in the corner. JBL got a big boot and then sent Show into the cage, and again climbed up looking for an opening, and Big Show is busted open already. JBL dove off the top with a shoulder block to knock Big Show down and then sent Show into the cage again.

Bradshaw went to work with right hands on the Show and made the cover for two. JBL removed the tag rope and started to choke the Big Show with it. Show fought back with a mule kick to the head and then sent JBL into the cage and hit a powerbomb. Show again sent JBL into the steel and then knocked him down with a headbutt, and the Big Show is a bloody mess. The Big Show monkey flipped JBL into the cage and Orlando Jordan came down with the Basham’s and Orlando started to climb the cage and Teddy Long came down and he said there will be no way out tonight, and he told them to get stepping. Orlando had slid some bolt cutters into the ring and JBL hit the Big Show with them and then hit the Clothesline From Hell but the Big Show kicked out!

Both men are bleeding profusely and the Big Show hit the Chokeslam but JBL kicked out! JBL begged off and Show went for another Chokeslam but JBL hit a low blow and a big boot for two. JBL crawled to the door and realised it was padlocked shut. JBL grabbed the bolt cutters and started to climb the cage and started cutting the barbwire. Show climbed up with him and sent JBL’s head into the steel but JBL battled back with right hands. Still perched on the ropes, and JBL sent Show’s head into the cage and then Big Show hit a chokeslam off the top and JBL went through the mat!!

The Big Show looked down at JBL’s lifeless body and then climbed down. Show went to the door and started kicking at it and then hit pulled off the padlock! Show opened the door and started to climb out and Big Show is out of the cage!!! The Big Show is going to WrestleMania! Tony Chimel then announced the JBL is still WWE Champion, and JBL was shown on the outside! How did JBL get out? Cole then said that JBL crawled through the hole in the mat, under the ring to the outside and JBL has retained his championship!

Winner and still WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield

The Aftermath:

The Big Show grabbed JBL and knocked him down but the Cabinet hit the ring and kicked away at the Big Show. The music of Batista then hit in the arena and he ran down the aisle and took down the Basham’s and then hit a spinebuster or Jordan, and then bother Basham Brothers. Batista hit the sit out powerbomb on Danny Basham and JBL started to crawl up the aisle. John Cena then came out from behind JBL and Cena sent him into a bunch of TV equipment. Cena hit the FU on JBL through a table and through steel beams. The music of Cena then hit in the arena and Cole said it’s going to be a triple threat match between these three men at WrestleMania! Cena and Batista then stared at each other as the show went off the air.

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