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Your support by taking advantage of the services offered is most welcome.  Please answer this brief questionairre so we can know what you might be interested in.  You will receive information as soon as possible.

What kind of phone do you have?Wireless
Traditional Home Phone
Both Traditional and Wireless
I have no phone
How much do you pay, on average, for wireless service per month, minus taxes and fees?$0-$20
$300 or more
I do not have wireless
Will your Wiresss Contract Expire within 60 Days?Yes
I'm on PrePaid/I Do not have wireless
Do you currently receive TV via Satellite, Cable, or AntennaCable
Dish Network
Do you listen to Howard Stern?Yes
Now let's talk about what your family watches. Do you rent DVDs?Yes
Do you PURCHASE DVD's to OWN?Yes
As a parent, what kinds of content are you concerned about in when playing DVDs for your family? You can choose more than one response.
Sensual/Provocative Content
Crude Sexual Dialogue/Content
Explicit Sexual Situations
Strong or Graphic Violence
Crude Language and Humor
Vain Reference to Deity
Explicit Drug Use
None of the Above
If the studios released new DVDs edited for family use, would you buy?Definatly
It would depend on the movie
I Doubt it
Definatly Not
Please read the following description: Suppose there was a new type of DVD Player that would turn R-rated movies into PG or G movies instantly. The player removes nudity, sexual situations, offensive language and offensive violence, without physically altering the DVD you buy or rent. If the cost of the player were around $250, about the same as a higher-quality standard DVD player, how interested would you be in buying it?Highly Interested
Slightly Interested
Neither Intersested or Not Interested
Slighly Uninterested
Highly UnInterested
If the described DVD player were endorsed by a popular motion picture and televison celebrity like Chuck Norris, would your feelings about the DVD player be more positive, negative or neutral
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