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Are you ready to fire your cable company?

If you are a customer of Adelphia or Comcast you know that these companies have now been taken over by TimeWarner Cable.  Reports of very poor customer service and popular channels like the NFL Network being eliminated have filled Southern California newspapers....and many are fed up!

Not an Adelphia/Comcast/TW customer?  Don't think that your cable company won't do something similar.  Imagine yout favorite cable channel...gone.

It's time time to get control back to your TV viewing!

It's time to go Dish!

We have joined wiyth VMC Satellite to offer you a great deal on a new Dish Network can get....

  • Satellite service for as many as 4 TV's!
  • FREE Installation for up to 4 TV's!!
  • All your favorites including HBO, Showtime, Starz, plus TNN, TNT, and hundreds more!
  • Great Pay-perView Movies and Events
  • Mature and Adult Channels Adelphia won't carry!
  • International channels available nowhere else!
  • ...and MUCH, MUCH more!
  • Plus Local and Cable Channels in HDTV!

To start enjoying the freedom of Satlellite TV....AND to fire your local cable company...simply click the icon below.

Your freedom starts NOW!!

Enter your Zip Code here to see
what you are missing NOW!

Free Satellite TV!

Free Satellite TV!